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Forbs / Oct 12, 2011

Oct 10th - Honestly thats what it seems like sometimes. Working here at the Gnomish Daily Planet, you would think I'd be more up to date on the news around here. But I think there is something in the coffee thats slowing me down. I remember distinctly asking for two sugars and NO kryptonite in mine. But I'll try to get caught up here with a Special Edition!

A few weeks ago, knowing Brixee had one of the two rare bindings necessary for Thunderfury, we decided to do some mats farming of Molten Core and Blackwing Lair in case we got lucky and the other binding dropped. Little did we know just how lucky we were about to get. First Ragnaros dropped the Eye of Sulfuras, the necessary rare component for Sulfuras Legendary Hammer of Ragnaros. So now we were farming mats for TWO Legendaries!

We split into teams and began farming Molten Core seriously for Bloods and Ingots for the hammer. Then lightning struck yet again. In one run Jendal picked up not just one but BOTH the Left Binding AND the Right Bindings for Thunderfury! The odds of that happening go beyond rediculous and border on devine intervention!

Saturday a very large and troublesome giant was making trouble in the Twilight Highlands. So Aizi, Siosil, Jendal and myself helped the stalwart Dwarves of The Brotherhood of Iron cut him down to size.

Then after the guild meeting, we ventured to Silithus to turn in the Head of Ossirian the Unscarred. Then we all gathered round as Jendal spoke with Highlord Dimitrian and received the reforged Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker! Thus netting not only the achievements for herself, but also securing the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Guild Edition Achievement for G4 AND the We Are Legendary Achieve as well!

After that, it seemed only fitting that we do something suitably legendary, and so we went back in time to help defeat Archimonde to secure the The Battle for Mount Hyjal Guild Run Achievement! This put our progress on Outland raids at 6/8!

The weekend over much too soon, Monday was upon us. But this one at least brought celebration in the form of Pirate Day! Many of our members got into the spirit of things and went down to Booty Bay dressed in their best pirate garb! There were many other guilds present, both Horde and Alliance, and we had so much fun RP'ing I forgot to take screenies!

Then the biggest party of the year Brewfest opened on Tuesday to tumultuous applause! We all had fun drinking, and Ram Racing and drinking and brawling and drinking and...well you get the picture. Coren Direbrew was even cooperative enough to stand still long enough for us to kill him seven times to get our quota of Guild Challenges done for the week!

Saturday we all went to the Brewers Ball event hosted by The Embersea Accord! We had a lot of fun RP'ing and drinking and participating in the contests! But otherwise it was a slow weekend with most members concentrating on their Brewfest Achievements.

Wednesday the Top Secret PvP Event that Forbs had been quietly planning with other guild leaders finally arrived. Alas it was so secret, she was the only member of G4 who attended. Ok Aizi was there, but he had left the guild by then, so...*Sigh*. The plan was cunning in its simplicity. While the Horde were busy attacking the Exodar, two full raids of the elite of the Alliance's most famous guilds including: Against All Odds, The Bouldershoulder Brigade, THe Brotherhood of Iron, The Front Lines, The Shanre, The Sentinels, and of course Gnomeregan Forever would Teleport directly into his throne room and attack Garrosh! Well that part of the plan worked perfectly. Unfortunately we were not prepared for the crushing latency that caused many of the raid to disconnect from the server as soon as they arrived. Those that were left found themselves unable fight in the ensuing slide show of latency hell. Still it was fun in a sort of "OMG it worked!! Oh wow...we're dead" kinda way.

Thursday evening rolled around and we had enough geared 85's online to try for a Heroic. And so we braved The Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty. I wont lie. We wiped a number of times, but each time we refined our attack and pushed deeper into the heart of the enemy's defenses, ultimately coming away with the Heroic Throne of the Tides Guild Run Achievement and another win for the Good Guys!

Friday finally! And with the weekend upon us, we did a retro raid for fun and RP gear to Serpent Shrine Caverns. Although we've done this raid several times, this run was memorable in that Bilbosan won every single roll! We followed that up with a run through Tempest Keep, and gave Kael'thas the shortest setback he ever had! Then it was party time! Well actually it was an hour and a half past party time, and so Forb's planned invasion of Club Trix in Dalaran with an army of Ogres ended up being just a squad. Still it was a memorable way to end the evening.

Wednesday our first planned Heroic run was up on the calendar. Five brave Gnomes tempted the wrath of the gods of random numbers and stepped into the Halls of Origination. It was a battle from start to finish but our Gnomish heroes would not be denied and they emerged trimphant with the Heroic: Halls of Origination Guild Run Achievement!

We finally collected all the bloods and ingots we needed and it was time to reforge the legendary hammer! Barun got the honor of forging the hammer at the Dark Anvil deep in Black Rock Mountain. And then it was back to Ironforge to watch Eza infuse the hammer with the Eye of Sulfuras to create Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros! Eza not only not only picked up a couple of nice achieves for herself, but she became our second member to wield a legendary weapon! This was truly a team effort and netted Gnomeregan Forever the Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros - Guild Edition Achievement into the bargain!

But all good things must come to an end, and Brewfest is no exception. We beat up Coren Direbrew so bad, he'll be feeling it till next year! In the process once again we got our full quota of Guild Challenges for the week! And then we joined DJ Amilyn, and a handful of other folks to give Brewfest a proper send off at midnight in Dun Morogh! We drank and danced and pummeled the Dark Irons on their final attack, and watched as the tents and the revelers faded away until next year.

Friday evening rolled around and our long anticipated foray into The Black Temple finally began! With veteran Gnomes and well-laid battle plans we began our assault. One by one, packs of minions and his chief lieutenants fell before us. And in the end it was Illidan himself who was not prepared to face the fury of the Little People! Not only did we save the day, but we earned the The Black Temple Guild Run Achievement, and our progress on Outland raids was now 7/8!

Saturday swooped in with the swish of a cape, and the feeling of destiny was in the air. After a short guild meeting nine Gnomish heroes flew off to Sunwell Plateau to square off against that arch-villan Kil'Jaeden! While his minions were significantly stronger than Illidan's nevertheless they met a similar fate. Then it was time for the dreaded Felmyst encounter. Her unresistable, undispellable mind control clouds have wiped countless groups. Well the first try she snuffed us enmasse. The second attempt, four of us got mind controlled and began attacking the party. But we managed to hang on till the beast landed and we finished her off.

We made short work of the remaining baddies and finally KJ stood alone to face the wrath of the Gnomes! Our justice was as swift as it was short. We banished old Kil'Jaeden back to the Twisting Nether amidst a storm of Achievement spam! This was the penultimate victory in our Burning Crusade offensive, earning G4 both the Sunwell Plateau Guild Run Achievement as well as the Guild Outland Raider Achievement!

We also gained a super bunch of new Gnomes including: Miltimella, Yancee, Mionstorm, Sokassa, Markin, Tankerbelle, Jinkelie, Jaawa, Wedgewood, Lumkin, Lazløw, Elmen, Mivi, and Oomlet!

So much fun, eight guild Dungeon & Raid Achievements, two Legendary Weapons. Its hard to believe its only been three weeks. I think I would have to agree that we are not super gnomes...
Forbs / Sep 28, 2011
Sept 12th - Happy Birthday Gnomeregan Forever! This post is weeks late owing to the intimidating amount of news to report and my taking a bit of a breather after the event. *Deep Breath* On with the News!!

First things first, please welcome to our newest nifty Gnomes: Allenwrench, Larvick, and Scorbert! Make us proud guys! Forbs also ratcheted up her promotion of the anniversary celebration on the realm forums!

Wednesday we decided to do a Molten Core run in hopes we might get lucky and see the Right Binding drop for Brixee. Well we got lucky alright, but not in the way we expected! Ragnaros dropped the Eye of Suluras! To make a long story short, Eza became our second member to be working on a Legendary weapon! It became clear we would need to start farming Molten Core and Blackwing Lair for materials more seriously...after the celebration!

Thursday finally arrived, and Gnomes swung into action! Forbs dropped the First Daily Prize Thread on the realm forums! At first our fellow Accordians didnt seem to realize they could just reply to the thread and win prizes and treated it like a creative writing contest! So the First Prize Thread winners were judged on creativity! 1st Prize of a Personal World Destroyer & 500g was awarded to Orican for her tale of the heroic Gnome Engineer! 2nd Prize of a De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion & 250g went to: Fangsfirst for his humorous tale of First Contact! 3rd Prize was awarded to: Trixxiz for her delightfully IC Goblin perspective! And our Consolation Prize of a Lifelike Mechanical Toad went to: Lilliat!

Then 5PM rolled around and it was time for our Guild Pride Parade! To say that Forbs was stressing out would be an understatement. I was afraid the turnout would be small and our parade would be a bust. But our friends at The Brotherhood of Iron, The Shanre, The Embersea Accord, and Against All Odds showed up in force, and suddenly we had a PARADE on our hands! As the parade moved through Ironforge and Stormwind it grew as people joined in! Eventually the parade reached its destination at Cathedral Square with what looked like nearly a hundred people!

We presented the awardsfor 1st Prize of a World Destroyer & 750g going to Marlo accepting on behalf of The Embersea Accord who were resplendant in their matching red outfits and banners! 2nd Prize of a De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion & 500g going to Keenstar accepting on behalf of Sentinel who impressed us with their Kaldorei military air and matching Nightsabers! And Morashtak accepting the 3rd Prize on behalf of The Brotherhood of Iron for their equestrian unit of matching Rams!

We finished up with a Fireworks show from the roof of the Cathedral that wowed the crowd!

Flush with the success of the Parade we plunged into Friday's events with a bit more self-confidence! Forbs dropped the Second Daily Prize Thread up on the Forums. Though this time the RNG detirmined the winners, there were still some great entries. 1st Prize was awarded to Miriet. 2nd Prize went to Chalathiel. 3rd Prize was claimed by Vanoir, and the Consolation Prize went to Gizmó! But Fangsfirst's epic entry of the first bald Worgen aviator simply could not go unrewarded, and he received one of Penti's rare Raptor Hatchling pets for his effort!

Then the bells struck five, and the largest gathering of Gnomes Booty Bay has ever seen assembled for the Running of the Gnomes! We had about thirty contestants line up for the start. It was an exciting least for the Panthers, and Raptors, and Bears, oh my! The contestants ran a brutal gauntlet through Stranglethorn, Duskwood, Elwynn Forest, before reaching the safety of Stormwind. Then into the Tram Tunnels to Ironforge, and then the last leg to Gnomeregan! 1st Prize went to Rakatiki! 2nd Place was taken home by Sylvetick, and 3rd Place was claimed by Crylis! Best Dressed Gnome prizes were won by Sneegeek, and Starvick!

Afterward we gave a huge Fireworks show at the gates of Gnomeregan! Then we ported everyone to Dalaran and handed out focusing lenses to all the Gnomes in attendance and made it unofficial Gnome Gnite at Club Lyon!

Saturday dawned with fatigue starting to set in, but enthusiasm still runnng high! Forbs posted the Third Daily Prize Thread early in the morning hoping for many replies. Because of all the creative responses in the previous threads, I decided to do this one "Wyrmrest Accord Style!" It did not disappoint! Indeed it was difficult to narrow the winners down to four. 1st Prize was won by Squig whose Gnome comic was great! 2nd Prize was taken by Zerata for a Gnome song worthy of Brian Boitano himself! 3rd Prize was awarded to Faellys for Nuclear Ice Cream...what a concept! And our Consolation Prize went out to Chazelios for his Gnomish Test Drive story!

Then at last it was time for the great Steam Tonk Tournament! It was a disappointing tournout, only about ten contestants or so. But the level of competition was high! And the cemetery proved to be the perfect location! The closely spaced headstones provided both cover and obstacles, and our contestants were quick to grasp the tactical implications! After about an hour and a half of furious Tonk battles our winners were: 1st Place Phaena the Alliance Tonk Champion! 2nd Place was won by Evimage! 3rd Place was taken by Myshfive, and our Consolation prize went to Trixina!

Afterwards we put on a big Firewworks show right in the middle of Stormwind lake! Then we had a lot of fun RP'ing with the crowd that stayed around after the fireworks!

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY began as the others with the Fourth Daily Prize Thread on the Realm Forums! So many nice things said about us! The winners were: 1st Prize Chazelios! 2nd Prize went to Qazzi, and 3rd Prize went to Lexiy, and the Consolation Prize went to: Freshmeat!

Then as the sun began to set on the final day of the Four Days of G4 it was finally time for the Fabulous River Boat Race! After briefing the contestants on the rules in the Speedbarge bar, while our judges secretly took their positions, Forbs led the contestants to the starting line! Then the race was on! In a surprisingly short time we had our top finishers who were confirmed by our judges: 1st Place was won by Elamarya! 2nd Place was taken by Militmus, and 3rd Place was claimed by Phaena! Our Consolation prize was handed out to Kailia!

With all the contests at last complete it was finally time to have our Grand Prize Drawing for the Chopper! Everyone was invited to a Raid and the often fickle gods of RNG were consulted by means of /Roll and Orican became our big winner!

With all the prizes all handed out, and the sun sinking low it was time for our last big Fireworks show of the event! Then we settled down to do a little RP and bask in the afterglow of an Anniversary celebration like Wyrmrest Accord has never seen before!
Forbs / Sep 12, 2011
Sept 5th 2011 - This post is a week late owing to the focus on our upcoming Anniversary Celebration and associated special events. The final countdown under way, Gnomes were scurrying all over making everything ready for the big launch!

But that doesnt mean we didnt find time to have a little fun! We managed to get a couple of Guild Dungeon Challenges completed this week. Then on Saturday we had our final guild meeting before the Celebration.

But afterwards, we rallied the troops, and even invited a couple of Brixee's friends to tag a long with us on a fun run through the Molten Core!

It was Priest Night in the fiery depths that night as it seemed everything Tikky wanted dropped including Ragnaros himself!

We also picked up a few new recruits! So please join with me in extending a warm G4 Welcome to Noxel, Cheerub, Judeli, and Scorchette!

3...Fireworks & Launchers are Ready! 2...Prizes & Gold are Ready! 1...Is G4 Ready? I hope so! Because next week is going to be a BLAST!!

Forbs / Aug 29, 2011
Well its been a real workout this week in G4! A large scale guild effort has accomplished nearly all of our logistical goals on our soon-to-no-longer-be Secret Plans! Huge thanks to everyone who has been working hard to making it happen, especially: Penti, Corbitz, Kattindra, Eza, and Aizi who did most of the heavy lifting!

Saturday after the meeting we rallied our tiny troops and stormed Tempest Keep. Apart from getting a searing sauna from a giant phoenix, and then partially pummeled by the mechanical masseuse, it was no sweat really! Ok so I may have gotten kinda sorta mind controlled and set a few people on fire, but builds character! In the end though we dealt Kael'thas the shortest setback he ever had, and picked up the Tempest Keep Guild Run Achievement! This puts our progress on Guild Outland Raider at: 5/8

And last but not least, please join me in welcoming our newest nifty Gnomes: Kimbee and Kwin! Make us proud guys!

The next two weeks we will really be feeling the burn! So eat your Hero O's and sign up to help run our special events! Lets make this a celebration Wyrmrest Accord wont soon forget!
Forbs / Aug 22, 2011
Sometimes the hardest part about being a leader is getting people to Believe. Not in me...but in themselves. We get told "you cant do that" so often in life that we begin to believe it ourselves, and stop trying. This is particularly true in Azeroth where the common perception of Gnomes, even among ourselves, is that we are small, weak , few in number, and incapable of accomplishing anything.

Small we may be, but weak we are definitely not! In fact, Congratulations are in order as yesterday Phlogistan dinged to Level 85 and became the most recent addition to our growing legion of max level Gnomes!

And here in G4 our numbers are steadily growing as well! Just this week our ranks swelled again as Squeege, Manga, Brixee, Manastorm, Jendal, Blinca, and Tymeria donned the purple & gold tabard of G4! The amount of Gnome Powah we are able to bring to bear on any given obstacle these days is considerable, and it shows!

This week we stormed Serpentshrine Caverns with a full phalanx of Gnomes! Not only did we defeat the Lady Vashj and gained the Serpentshrine Cavern Guild Run Achievement, but we got some gear upgrades for our lower level folks, some RP gear for the rest, and we even mamaged to get some fishing done!

And once again I have to report that Gnomeregan Forever has racked up yet another Guild Level in less than two weeks! We not only picked up the Guild Level 15 Achievement, but we added The Quick and the Dead to our already impressive list of Guild Perks, and we unlocked the spiffy Wrap of Unity Guild Reward!

So when I tell you that all this adds up to a significant accomplishment in anybody's book, not just for'd better believe it!
Forbs / Aug 15, 2011
I'm begining to truly believe that there is nothing this guild cant do. We are Gnomes! We enjoy a challenge. This week was a good example. Monday we racked up the Challenging Achievement and the Dungeon Challenges Achievement.

On Friday Against All Odds hosted an Ulduar 25 Hard Modes run to celebrate Galiani's birthday, and invited us Gnomes along! Bellamy, Forbs and Gizzywig gratefully accepted. It was a long haul over five hours, but in the end everyone got Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) Achievement, The Astral Walker title and the Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake!

Then Saturday after our weekly guild meeting where we kicked off our *cue dramatic music* Secret Project, we paid a very short visit to the Blades Edge Mountains to knock down a very tall Gruul, and pick up the Gruul's Lair Guild Run Achievement!

Disappointed with Gruul's hospitality we dropped in on Hellfire Citadel to see our favorite Pit Lord. He wasnt up for visitors, so we had to put him down, picking up the Magtheridon's Lair Guild Run Achievement in the process. That puts our progress at 3/8 in our march toward the Guild Outland Raider Achievement!

Still not satisfied, we ported on down to Tanaris and helped several of our members get their The Culling of Time Achievement and their Bronze Drake mounts!

As Gnomes we exceed expectations as a matter of course. The merely difficult we do right away. The unbelievable...just takes us a little longer =) Speaking of which, congratulations are in order for Kwix and Rhialah! They have been working for quite a while and achieved level 85 status this week to join our swelling ranks of max level Gnomes! Well done!

And I dont know whether to congratulate or console Aizi who this week picked up the Time Flies When You're Having Fun Achievement again, and became the only Gnome in G4 History to become Exalted with the guild TWICE! Its still an impressive achievement.

And last but definitely not least a hearty G4 welcome going out to Cohlien, Fillmere, Manks, and Scraglum who joined the biggest "Little" guild around this week!
Forbs / Aug 09, 2011
Its Tuesday already and I'm reminded of the passing of time. Not just because of the fact that I'm a day late with my weekly news post, but by the amazing things that happened this week.

The official WoW forums were on fire early this week due to the revelation that Blizzard has copyrighted the title "The Mists of Pandaria". Here we are having scarcely scratched the surface of Cataclysm, and its likely we will hear juicy details about the next big expansion at Blizzcon in October. I cant wait!

And our own Gizzywig & Rhialah racked up the Married Achievement in real life last week, and then made it a two-fer this week by tieing the knot a second time in-game Saturday evening in Twilight Highlands!The ceremony presided over by the Holy Paladin Purehammer from the Brotherhood of Iron! Congratulations going out to them, and best wishes for a long and happy life together!

And speaking of time, hearty congratulations go out Barun, Siosil, and Mobie who all put in a lot of time on their Gnomes and became the newest additions to our growing legion of Level 85 Gnomes!

Last but not least G4 rocketed to another guild level in record time! In less than two weeks we dinged to Guild Level 14! Very impressive people! That means we add Working Overtime to our growing list of Guild Perks! That means you have a 10% increased chance to gain skillups when working on your Professions!

And finally a hearty G4 welcome going out to our newest nifty Gnomes: Ettindy, Nubbi, Siosil, Hodgerick, Peggotty, Candlewig, and Bucklem! Make us proud guys!
Forbs / Aug 01, 2011
Through the patient action of tiny bits of stone and sand over time are mighty mountains and rivers carved. We're sorta like that here in G4. We set a goal for ourselves and through patience, persistence and team work we get the job done. This week sort of epitomized that.

We've been needing more IC events on the calendar and so Wilbyr started a weekly series of pub nights. We all gathered at the Pig & Whistle for drinks and a card game he calls "Make Your Fortune!" We had fun. Bellamy won (or lost, depending on your point of view) and had to get a haircut.

But the fun was cut short however as G4 took part in a somber memorial event for the victims of the Oslo rampage outside the gates of Stormwind and which was commemorated in this video

Forbs spent weeks grinding materials for her Vial of the Sands, but on Friday everything finally came together, and with the aid of our good friend Professor Borogrove who concocted the final catalyst, Forbs finally got her W.I.N.G.S. (Winged Invention for the Nullification of Gravity Suit)! Forbs can now offer flights to our lower level Gnomes and provide access to areas that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

But the mighty mountain G4 has been chipping away at for four months finally fell at our feet on Saturday! Fourteen Gnomes saddled up and rode through the swirling sands of Silithus and into history! Twelve Bosses were waiting for them, and when the dust finally settled, eleven of them lay dead at the feet of Gnomes! Including the dreaded Twin Emperors Vek'lor & Vek'nilash and the Old God C'Thun! Viscidus appeared bugged. We killed him twice and he reset to back to full health twice. Nevertheless it was a complete victory for the forces of G4 earning us not only the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Guild Run Achievement, but the Guild Classic Raider Achievement as well!

We're going to need a new goal now, and luckily we've got a handful of new Gnomes this week to help us accomplish it too! So say hello to Hingleton, Snicklefritz, Oddy, Burnsie, and Mobie, and make them feel at home!

So have a great week out there people, and dont be afraid to take on big challenges! We're Gnomes! Success is inevitable!