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Forbs / May 25, 2012

07.27.12 - It was looking for a moment like we would need a bigger boat, but the forces of G4 were up to the task! And what a task it was! Mobus that bane of NPC trackers everywhere spawned in Vash'jir. Several Tall Folk and one Goblin tried to solo the beast with predictable results. But peace was soon restored once G4 arrived on the scene. We also picked up the From Hell's Heart Achievement! So dont forget to log in! You never know what sort of fun you might be missing out on!

07.27.12 - Another Retro-Raid Night is in the books, and loads of fun were had by all! We ran AQ40 first, and say not one but two rare drops! First Siosil won the roll on the rare Orb of Deception! So yes that IS a Tauren you see in that sidecar...sort of. Then Iketro won the roll on the elusive Red Qiraji Battle Tank mount, and secured the Why? Because It's Red Achievement! So if youre looking for something to do next Friday, come join us for Achievements, Mounts, Mog Gear, and Fun on Retro-Raid Night!

07.18.12 - We are indeed Legendary Gnomes. And today Glitterspaz became the latest of our member to wield the legendary sword: Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker! Patience, persistence, and many runs of Molten Core finally paid off. Congratulations Glitter!

07.15.12 - Gnome RP is the best RP! And whenever we get together in-character its always a lot of fun. Because with that many Gnomes you never know what is going to happen. Lieutenant Siosil has been hosting weekly events, and one of the most fun is Tizzle's Tours. We all take an IC trip together to a different zone and Professor Tizzlesparks shows us the sights and explains the signifigance of the local lore. This is a great opportunity for you to RP your character in a relaxed atmosphere as well as learn more about the history of Azeroth! So keep an eye on the calendar for the next Tizzle's Tour! See you there!

07.14.12 - We downed the Lich King in 10-Gnome quite a while ago. So we figured it was about time Ice Crown Citadel got another lesson why they should pick on someone their own size...because little people HURT!! Our tiny teachers ratcheted the difficulty up to 25-Gnome. School was definitetly in session that night, but unfortunately we didnt make it to the Lich King before the bell rang, so we'll have to schedule a final exam for him another time.

07.13.12 - Retro-Raid Night is always fun, but since we had only high-levels online we decided to try something a little different, and so for the first time we tackled the Eye Of Eternity 25-Gnome! We had a few casualties, particularly during the flight phase, but Gnome Powah will out! G4 got its first Maly-25 kill, and we all had fun! Remember Retro-Raid Night happens on Fridays at 1800 hours Gnomish Standard!

07.12.12 - Well are you?? Gnomeregan Forever is on the march! In cooperation with our Dwarven allies in The Brotherhood of Iron, G4 is planning to launch a surprise LFR raid upon Dragon Soul! Want to to put your Gnome-sized bootprint on Deathwing's backside?? Start working on your gear NOW! You'll need ilvl 372 to get in (more obviously is better). We're going to need every Gnome we can muster! D-Day is July 21st. Be there!!

07.10.12 - Moar Arpeez! Thats one of our big goals here at G4, and whether youve never really roleplayed your Gnome or youre an old hand, there are great things to look forward to coming up! In recognition of her tireless efforts Siosil was officially promoted to Lieutenant in charge of RP! She will specifically be tasked with increasing the quantity and quality of G4's roleplaying operations. Please join with me in congratulating Siosil on her new position! She has great plans in the works so keep an eye on your calendar!

07.09.12 - We have lots of Gnomes approaching or actually at max level who need gear and practice working as part of an effective 5-Gnome team. That means we need to run more dungeons! If you need gear, come join us! And if you dont need gear, lend your assistance to help fill out groups. If we want to take down Deathwing, we'll need the best trained and equipped fighting force under four feet tall!

06.23.12 - Oohs and ahhs were in abundance at last Saturday as Order of the Golden Gear and Gnomeregan Forever teamed up to display some Gnomeregan Pride in Tinkertown! Then G4 put on a Fireworks Spectacular to close the show! Lots of fun and RP was had by all!

06.17.12 - I had said it many times before that the Lich King's days were numbered. On Sunday his number was up. "Now serving #1..." SOCK! POW! BIFF!! It was a tough fight. The Valkyr and Defile took their toll, but our half-sized heroes prevailed. This was G4's first Lich King 10-Gnome Normal victory, but hopefully not the last. The king is dead. Long live G4!

06.15.12 - As usual we had fun and bugged some of the older bosses during our weekly Retro-Raid Night. This week we visited C'Thun in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj a 40-Gnome Classic raid. We didnt quite have forty Gnomes, but not even an Old God can withstand a Gnomish cavalry charge on bug mounts! Join us for some Friday night fun!

The dauntless dinkies of G4 once again destroyed the Black Temple during our Weekly Retro-Raid Night! Despite our state of preparedness nearing record levels, Illidan had the last laugh Glaives dropped. Maybe next time!

05.19.12 - Our weekly raid night found G4 on trial! Trial of the Crusader to be precise. Despite an arresting performance by Wilfred Fizzlebang, it was the bad guys who couldnt escape the short arm of the law, as Gnomeregan Forever locked up its first Trial of the Crusader 10-Gnome Normal victory! Well done Gnomes!

05.18.12 - Another fun Retro-Raid Night is in the books. We ran Blackwing Lair and had a great time visiting our old buddy Nefarian! He still didnt drop his hat though. >.<

05.11.12 - G4 got its fifteen minutes of fame and then some! Following up on tips they received following our lvl 25 ding and the resulting blue post, WoW Insider contacted Forbs for an interview! The resulting story ran on May 11th, and you can read it here! Since then Gnomes from all over the World of Warcraft have journeyed to Wyrmrest Accord to join forces with Gnomeregan Forever!

04.23.12 - G4 got the blues...but in a good way! Overcome by Gnome Pride Forbs posted on the General Forums about our Big Ding to lvl 25. This caught the attention of Zarhym one of the Blizzard Community Managers who replied: "This makes me super happy. I want to join this guild." And then things started getting crazy. The thread got picked up by Blue Trackers on WoW related websites like MMO Champion. As a result we've had many new applicants, and many congratulations from players and guilds here on Wyrmrest Accord.

04.22.12 - Even I who regularly heralds your triumphs large and small find myself nearly speechless in the face of this reality. Once again tiny Gnomes have surmounted a big challenge, and this one is huge! The first Level 25 All-Gnome Guild on the realm, maybe...anywhere! Take a moment and reflect on everything youve accomplished G4. All the fun, all the Guild Achievements, and now Guild Level 25! And we're not done yet...not by a longshot! You can hold your heads high Gnomes, because G4 can stand alongside the other great racial guilds of Wyrmrest Accord! So go off your new Golden King Mounts! You EARNED it!

04.14.12 - After many attempts another bastion of evil has fallen to forces of Gnomeregan! Saturday night Jinkilie, Lissalou, Cogglling, Pinion, and Brightmend assaulted the last bastion of the Twilights Hammer's power in Deepholm. When the battle was finally over victory as well as both the Heroic: The Stonecore Guild Run and the Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero Achievements were ours! Hooray!


0_0 omg so many cats.... omg...
Reading this makes me sad to have been away for so long, missing all these great achievements both in-game and abroad. But it was for the better and now I'm back to help G4 go even further into Mists and beyond.

Keep up the good work gnomes and stay classy!
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