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Forbs / Mar 05, 2012

03.23.12 - Once again our weekly Friday Night Retro-Raid was a big success. This week we cleared the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj to keep the site safe for the archaeological teams. We had a lot of fun and everyone picked up some RP gear and colorful bug mounts! Log on Friday nights and join the fun!

03.10.12 - Three times we tried, and three times we failed to down Algalon the Observer. But this week ten of our most veteran Gnomes journeyed to Ulduar determined to even the score. And when the dust settled, the forces of Gnomeregan emerged triumphant, and G4's first full clear of Ulduar was in the books.

Not only did we bring home the He Feeds On Your Tears - Guild Edition Achievement for Gnomeregan Forever, but we all picked up the personal Observed 10 Gnome Achievement and the Starcaller title for ourselves!

Want to join the fun and test your mettle against the greatest threats to Gnomekind? Then be online Saturdays at 6PM server for Progression Nite!

03.08.12 - Once again Gnomes have plundered the Molten Core and come back with Legendary Loot! Last Thursday Coggling became our fifth member to take up a Legendary weapon in the name of Gnomeregan Forever, and the third to wield Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker! Congrats Coggs!

03.03.12 - At long last Yogg Saron the nemesis of Ulduar has been defeated by the forces of Gnomeregan! Nine of our strongest and shortest Gnomes entered Yogg's prison stronghold, and though they were rebuffed time and again, refused to acknowlege defeat. Combining true Gnomish resilience and ingenuity, they refined their tactics with each assault until at last victory was assured!

Want to join the fun and tackle the gravest threats ever to face Gnomekind and cut them down to size? Level your Gnome and grab your gear and get online! For the glory of Gnomeregan!!

03.02.12 - Reminder! Fridays are Retro-Raid Night! Popular destinations include: Kharazan, Black Temple, Sunwell, Mt. Hyjal, Tempest Keep and Gruuls. Come have some fun, pick up some Achievements, and maybe complete that Transmog set you've been working on!

02.28.12 - We know that everyone loves Gnomes, but it's official now. On Brixee and Forb's weekly Molten Core run Brixee dinged to Exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords, making that the 55th Guild Exalted Reputation, and earning us the United Nations Achievement!

This means the Dark Phoenix Hatchling companion pet is now available for our members to purchase from the guild vendor. That means you'll need to grind one more Exalted rep...with Gnomeregan Forever to buy it. Blizzard loves irony. =)

02.14.12 - Just in time for Valentine's Day Blizzard has released the Heart of the Aspects flying mount through the Blizzzard Pet Store. A mere $25 and this stylish mount could be yours! This delightful dragon also features a unique serpentine swimming animation, but sadly has no walking/running animation, and cannot land on the ground.

It is also clearly the first Asian themed mount we've seen and hints strongly at things we can look forward to in Mists of Pandaria.

02.05.12 - Love may not be the only thing in the air as the Steamwheedle Cartel and the Crown Chemical Company wage all out war over concession rights to the most romantic holiday of the year! Luckily for us there are new mounts, Pets, achievements, and profit opportunities this year for us!

The Truesilver Shafted Arrow which was BoP last year is now Bind on Use, allowing you to mail, trade, or even sell this companion pet in the Auction House! There is a new ground mount this year: the Swift Lovebird! This mount can also be traded or sold!

02.08.12 - The might of the Alliance assembled, and among their number were some of G4's most battle hardened veterans. They came not for revenge, but for Retribution for crimes committed by the Horde. Among the guilds who lent their aid to this ambitious RP-PvP event were Against All Odds, Gnomeregan Forever, Boulder Shoulder Brigade, Sentinel, and Shanre.

The IC war party assembled in Darkshore and then rampaged through Ashenvale destroying all Horde targets in their path including Maestra's Post, Astranaar, Splintertree Post, Warsong Lumber Camp, and culminated with a daring attack upon the Orc capitol of Orgrimmar itself!

Our Gnomes acquitted themselves with honor in battle, and much fun, RP, and Honor Kills were had! Looking forward to the next one!

01.25.12 - Molten Core has been good to G4, and our string of good luck was extended even further as the late and unlamented Ragnaros bequeathed the Eye of Sulfuras to Jinkilie during our weekly run. After assembling the appropriate rare materials and a quick trip to Black Rock Depths later, Jinkie became our fourth Gnome to wield a Legendary weapon and the second to lay claim to Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros! Congratulations Jinkie!


It took me a couple minutes to figure out just what you were doing with the little pic and the 'Sniff' in the background. Then - it dawned on me, and I had a good chuckle out of it. I would likely have caught on sooner if'n I wasn't encumbered with a cold.

~ Brix
You may remember that Aizi thought he was getting out of Screenie Duty that night by standing off at a distance. I told him it was no use because I would just Photoshop him back into the picture (badly) anyway and I am as good as my word. Let this be a cannot escape the short arm of the Forbs! =)
Of course.....the BIG question is: has anyone ELSE noticed?

~ Brix
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