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A Gnovember to Remember

Forbs / Nov 30, 2011

I've been kinda slacking on the news posts. Lazy GM is lazy. In my defense though its been kinda busy. OMG Hallows End! Pilgrims Bounty! Patch 4.3! So another bumper crop of press clippings!

11.29.11 - Tuesday the 29th was the long awaited Patch Day! Patch 4.3 deployed on the live servers, and there was a mad rush to the Transmogrify vendor! Some new 5-Gnome and Raids were opened up, and there were numerous class balance changes. It will may be worth your time to look them over here: LINK. The new and improved Darkmoon Faire will be opening up in a few days. Watch for the NPC's in major cities!

11.26.11 - Saturday the 26th was slow. Once again we had too few veteran Gnomes to fill out a raid group for Ulduar. And so we decided to work on other things. After watching Jinkelie solo Magtheridon...sort of =), we had a go at Tempest Keep: The Eye. Alas our Gnome Powah was lacking that night, and while we downed three of the bosses, we were unable to deal Kael'thas another setback, and were forced to leave empty handed. Our thirst for adventure still unquenched Forbs, Eza, Tizzlesparks, Bellamy and Glitterspaz went back in time to the Culling of Stratholme and picked up the Zombiefest! Achievement to get us one step closer to our Red Proto-Drakes!

11.25.11 - Black Friday, what better time to schedule a Black temple Guild Run? And so Gnomedoom, Bellamy, Brightmend, Lexifrazz, Tikky, Tizzlesparks, Wedgewood, and some elf impersonating Larvick showed Illidan and his cronies just who was prepared and who wasnt!

11.20.11 - Saturday the 20th the Pilgrims Bounty event arrived and ruffled a few feathers amoung the Rogue community. But our Gnomes got into it in a big way. Everyone got their characters cooking up to high Wrath levels quickly, and racking up many holiday Achievements, Titles, and Pets! Alas we had too few high level Gnomes to continue our Ulduar assault and it was postponed a week.

11.18.11 - Friday the 18th proved to be lucky for G4. On our guild run of Molten Core at long last Garr finally dropped the second Bindings of the Windseeker that Brixee has been looking for. And so after a short trip to Silithus, Brixee became G4's second wielder of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and our third Gnome to wield a Legendary weapon! Congratulations Brixee!!

11.17.11 - The evening of Thursday the 17th, the smell of blood and dark magics hung in the air over Kalimdor. The Horde RP-PvP event: Warpath got underway with a raid full of Horde players under the influence of a mysterious elixir that increased their size and ferocity attacking Night Elf defenses and population centers in western Kalimdor. G4 Special Operatives: Forbidra, Lexifrazz, Bellamy, and Wedgewood were put on alert and deployed in support of our allies including <Against All Odds>, and <Bouldershoulder Brigade>. The Horde raiders plowed through our defenses at Astranaar without slowing down, flanked our defensive stand at Lor'danel, and struck the very heart of Darnassus! Both Red & Blue sides honored the rules of engagement, with pauses between fighting to facilitate RP, a great time was had by all!

11.12.11 - Saturday the 12th arrived not a moment too soon, and with a full raid group of Gnomes, it was time to test our mettle in Ulduar again! Led by Algalon who wiped us four times, the Keepers showed no signs of backing down. But we persevered, and by the end of the night we had penetrated deep into Ulduar and downed three more bosses: the Assembly of Iron, Auriava, and Mimiron! This brings our progress in Ulduar 10-Gnome Normal to: eight of fourteen!

11.10.11 - They say desperate times call for desperate measures, and so it was on Thursday the 10th. Forbidra, Flashlight, and Cohlien were forced to recruit a most impractical paladin, and a warrior who smelled strongly of dog biscuits to assist them on a dangerous mission. It was a grim business indeed, but in the end Gnomeregan Forever acquired the Heroic: Grim Batol Guild Run Achievement!

11.09.11 - DING!! Wednesday the 9th a lot of hard work by a lot of Gnomes paid off as Gnomeregan Forever became a level 20 Alliance Guild! This means we add Happy Hour to our already impressive list of Guild Perks! It also means that we have unlocked Heirloom Helms! You must be Honored with the guild to purchase them from the vendor, and they are pricey. Unlike other Heirlooms however that stop scaling at lvl 80, these helms scale to lvl 85! They add a 10% Experience boost, and as always you can mail them to any of your Wyrmrest Accord alts of either faction!

Then Forbs, Glitterspaz, Flashlight, and Jinkelie, along with the help of an off-server Boomchicken managed to down that old blow-hard Siamat and his worshippers on Heroic Difficulty to earn G4 the Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir Guild Run Achievement!

11.05.11 - Saturday the 5th was the fateful day that G4 first set foot inside the Titan's legendary seat of power: Ulduar! But all was not as the Titans left it. Systemic corruption of the guardians and systems they left behind ensured that our intrepid Gnomes had to fight for every step. But at the end of the evening, no less than five of the fourteen bosses there had been vanquished by Gnomes, including: Flame Leviathan, Ionis the Furnace Master, Razorscale, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Kologarn!

10.31.11 - Monday came an with it the end of Hallows End, along with the painful realization that Forbs would be without a Headless Horsie for at least another year! But even as the moon rose on the final evening of Hallows End an amazing sight appeared in the sky above Stormwind! An enormous ghostly dragon, and perched upon its back...a Gnome! The Realm First Legendary staff went to Nacilep a Gnome in the Valhalla guild.

10.29.11 - Saturday the 29h, with the end of the Hallows End holiday event in sight, many of us attended the Hallows End Costume Ball hosted by The Embersea Accord. There were lots of amazing costumes! But the one who took home the grand prize was none other than our own Lexifrazz, who won over the judges with her brilliant "Mini-Deathwing" costume!

Then finally it was H-Hour, and nine of G4's most veteran Gnomes penetrated the defenses of the Lich King's aerial fortress of Naxxramas, and began a relentless assault upon Kel'Thuzad and his most powerful lieutenants. I cant begin to describe all of the glorious battles. But when it was all over, eighteen bosses including Kel'Thuzad himself had been vanquished by Gnomes! We picked up the Just Cant Get Enough Guild Edition Achievement, along with at least a dozen personal achievements!

10.26.11 - Wednesday the 26th was the first official GEARS society meeting. This is Bucklem's IC exploration group. We met a mysterious alchemist, and ended up undertaking a dangerous mission into Blackrock Spire to procure venom from a spider that was a wee bit bigger than we bargained for! Good IC fun. Looking forward to more events like this!


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