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Tricks & Treats!

Forbs / Oct 28, 2011

First off I'd like to begin by welcoming the nifty new Gnomes we got this week: Amalora, Eudora, Nemena, and Quixx! Make us proud guys!

Tuesday couldnt arrive soon enough for most of us Gnomes! And with came one of the favorite and most eagerly anticipated holiday events on Azeroth: Hallows End! This of course kicked off a flurry of activity as Gnomes fanned out across the game world to get their fill of candy, Achievements, and fun!

There have also been a bunch of imaginitive Hallows End events hosted by various guilds. From ghost stories told around the campfire, to D&D style RP scenarios, to full on RP-PvP battles against the Horde in Skeleton costumes! There are events scheduled every day of Hallows End. So I do hope youre not too distracted by dailies to join in the fun!

Sunday we gathered up the team and helped a lot of our lowbies get the Bring Me The Head of... Oh Wait Achievement that they wouldnt have been able to get for another year any other way! We're all about teamwork here at G4, so if you need help with the Holiday achieves, let us know!

On Saturday we gathered our higher level Gnomes and went Trick or Treating in the Obsidium Sanctum. After we Teepeed his guards, Sartharion tried to show us a trick involving three Twilight Drakes. But the Gnomes were having none of that, and in the end he reluctantly gave us a Treat: the Reigns of the Black Drake! Jendal won the roll so gratz to her! In addition to personal Achievements for nearly all of us, we also picked up the Twilight Zone - Guild Edition Achievement! This fight was rather easy for us, so we can definitely do this again to try for more Drakes!

Then we moved on to a real tricky fight, our first ever Eye of Eternity 10-Gnome difficulty attempt! Once again, preparation paid off! Everyone did pretty much exactly what they needed to do in Phase One and Two, and then we all dropped onto Red Drakes for the third and final Phase. We lost a few people, but we managed to take down the Blue Aspect for our very first Malygos 10 kill! Amongst the Achievement spam on our screens was the You Dont Have an Eternity - Guild Edition Achievement!

This puts our progress towards The Glory of the Lich King Raider Achievement at 2/8!
Impressive! But the Lich King's most feared lieutenants await us in the frozen north. Are you up to the challenge? We shall see! The Gnomes assault upon the flying fortress of Naxxramas begins Saturday!


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