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Big Game

Forbs / Oct 17, 2011
It was kind of a slow week, which was welcome after all excitement of the previous weeks. But we still had some fun together, and we have some firsts to report, so...on with the news!!

Thursday Glitterspaz and I journeyed to Felwood to secure Rainbow Generators for ourselves. After a short quest chain we got them. The cooldown is annoyingly long, but the effect is undeniably impressive. Behold! Witness the power of the Carebear Stare!!

Friday we were joined by three Tall Folk on a retro raid of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. We managed to get all the bosses down except the optional boss owing to a lack of sufficient Frost damage in the raid. No one got the rare Red Qiraj Battle Tank mount, but several people got their raid achievements!

Saturday was our much anticipated Dragon Hunt! Owing to the enormous size of our quarry, only our highest level Gnomes could participate in this offensive. First on the list was the Black Dragonflight's would-be brood queen: Onyxia! We did this in 10-Gnome difficulty with a mere six of us. Though this is a tricky fight, our preparation paid off with a nearly flawless kill! We all recieved not only the Onxia's Lair (10 Gnome) Achievement, but also the More Dots! (10 Gnome) Achievement as well! THough there is no guild Achievement for it, this was G4's first Onyxia kill!

Then we moved on to bigger game...the Obsidium Sanctum! We also tackled this fight in 10-Gnome difficulty, though there were only seven of us. After handily clearing all the trash, and the three Twilight Drakes: Shadron, Tenebron, and Vesperon, we finally had the Onyx Guardian Sartharion in our sights. Once again, taking time to discuss the upcoming fight contributed to a relatively easy victory. We all picked up the Besting The Black Dragonflight (10 Gnome) Achievement as well as the Less Is More (10 Gnome) Acievement! Though there is no guild Achievement for Sarth 10 0D, this was G4's first Sartharion kill!

And while I love to talk about our accomplishments as a guild, its time to give shout outs to both Pinion and Miltimus who dinged to level 85 this week! They have become the latest additions to our growing cadre of max level Gnomes! Well done guys!

And last but not least, please join me in welcoming our newest nifty Gnomes: Dremel, Gnolan, Leonic, Scoggin, and Scogger! Make us proud guys!

We have some exciting and ambitious goals ahead of us Gnomes! The very fun and challenging Wrath of the Lich King raid content is waiting to be conquered by us Gnomes. Are you up to the challenge?? Level up, gear up, and join us on our historic Northrend Offensive!


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