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Forbs / Nov 10, 2012

09.05.14 - It always seems that the more Gnomes there are around the luckier we get. We call it: The Gnome Rule. That certainly seemed to be the case when someone said "Lets do Malygos!" this Friday during Retro Raid Night. After handing the big lizard his short setback, Muletia got the lucky roll on the very rare, and very enviable Azure Drake mount! So when you see Gnomes heading off somewhere, tag along! You never know. You just might get lucky too!

08.31.14 - Ready to unwind and flex your creative muscles a bit? Well Tima has been hosting a series of RP adventures on Sunday evenings that's right up your character sheet! Each week a new location is chosen and we get together to explore not just the landscape but our character's personalities in an environment that is a little more interesting than the Blue Recluse. If youre ready for some adventure on the IC's, log in Sunday nights!

08.31.14 - We've been struggling for a few weeks, but we finally got the right people online at the same time, and G4 cleared the first wing of Siege of Orgrimmar Flex difficulty in convincing style! We one-shot all the bosses...ok we might have wiped once or twice on Nourshen, but thats a HARD fight! Our Tanks were on the ball, and our Healers were erasing booboo's faster than the bosses could dish em out, and our DPS just crushed it, allowing us to get past Nourshen's enrage timer for the first time in ages!

Wing Two next week! Upgrade your gear, study the fights on youtube, and practice in LFR! Lets kick down Garry's front door for the glory of Gnomeregan!

G4 would like to dedicate this week's raid victories to Chris Robinson, Tyson Murphy, and the rest of the Blizzard character art team for their hard work making Gnomes look their best!

08.08.14 - Just an ordinary Retro-Raid Night...but watch out! That was no ordinary Retro-Raid Night! The G-Team decided to go for something a little more ambitious this week, and set their sights on the Ulduar 25-Gnome Hard Mode achieves. Everyone was on their game and executed strategy perfectly, and when the ancient dust had cleared, the group had one-shot every one of the Hard Modes perfectly! You get a Proto-Drake! And you get a Proto-Drake! Everyone got a huge and handsome Ironbound Proto-Drake mount for their efforts! Interested in adding a new ride to your stable? Then you should put Retro-Ride Night on YOUR calendar!

08.07.14 - One by one, then two by three the dinky dino hunters gathered, and before long we needed to convert to raid. Over the course of the next couple of hours everyone bagged their limit of big game, and that wasnt all. At least two mounts and a number of rare pets were claimed too! Just another Thursday evening in G4. Skip logging in, and you could miss something BIG!

06.23.14 - Is a lack of Lore holding you back from joining in the Roleplay around you? Embarassed by your character's well...lack of character?? Wish you had mad RP skillz to match your deeps? Well worry no more! Because Tima has started a series of weekly Roleplaying workshops designed to help get you RP'ing with the best of them!

Discussions range from the best Roleplaying addons, to how to create a backstory for your character, to Gnome culture and history, and much more! So watch your in-game calendar and join us for the next class. We guarantee your RP experience will improve 150% or your money back!

06.16.14 - It wasnt quite business as normal when G4's plucky progression Gnomes stepped into the Vale of Eternal Sorrow for the weekly Flex run. The team decided to step it up and take a shot at Normal. After a bit of a false start, the team got down to business and quickly undercut Immersius with minimal losses for G4's first SoO 10-Gnome Normal victory!

The Fallen Guardians were next on G4's road to success, although not without a fight. But finally after several attempts, they hung up the 'Out of Business' sign, and we got our second Normal victory in SoO! Sadly Nourshen proved to be stiff competition and refused to go down. Next time time.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this memorable mission! And if you'd like to see just how much fun Gnome raiding can be, get your gear up to scratch, sign up on the calendar, and maybe we'll see you in Forb's 500!

06.14.14 - Its Summertime, and the Gnoming is easy! Aww yeah...a tropical island, a convention of Gnomes, and a beach party. It doesnt get much better than that. This Saturday Cilantro and Parsnipp hosted quite the get together, and never ones to pass up a chance for fun, G4 members hit the beach in style.

There was plenty to drink of course, and a fishing derby, and barbeque, and a fireworks show! Everygnome went home exhausted but content. Thanks Cil! We cant wait for the next one!

Gnomes are often overlooked by the Tall Folk, but even they sat up and took notice as Gnomeregan Forever racked up yet another in a long series of achievements on Saturday! We set out to conquer Deathwing the Destroyer on Heroic difficulty. And while spine did present a bit of a challenge, we eventually carried the day. In the process we not only received the title "Savior of Azeroth" for ourselves, but we racked up our 128th guild Dungeon/Raid achievement - Heroic: Dragon Soul Guild Run. Much to our surprise, this turned out to be our 2000th guild achievement point!! Thats quite an achievement in anyone's book, and not surprisingly Blizzard tacked another one on: Now That's An Achievement!

So the next time someone accuses you of being short, you can tell 'em "Yeah, almost as short as YOUR guild's achievement bar!" Keep it up Gnomes! Show 'em all what Gnomes can accomplish!

02.21.14 - Actually the stunted storm chasers of Gnomeregan Forever didnt so much walk on air this Saturday...we stomped on it! It looked like Guster's Last Stand, as we took on Al’Akir at his worst and simply blew him away. In the process, G4 garnered the Heroic Al’Akir Guild Run achievement and several of our members were awarded the Defender of a Shattered World title.

Afterwards, we enjoyed ourselves by exploring around his palace. Who knew an elemental lord would be such a great interior decorator? A hearty well done to all who participated!

Now on to Ogrimmar! We have defeated dragons, titans, and elemental lords. How tough can a few orcs be?

For Gnomeregan!

01.07.14 - Gnomes may be short, but we're also persistent, and Jinkelie demonstrated by finally completing the Shadowmourne quest chain. It took a LOT of trips to Icecrown Citadel to get all the pieces and complete all the quests. But as a result, not only has Jinkie added a shiny new Legendary Axe to her collection, but picked up the Shadowmourne achievement for herself, but racked up our 126th guild raid achievement: Shadowmourne - Guild Edition! This brings the guild one step closer another big achievement. We are lacking only: Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, and Fangs of the Father to complete G4's Ultimate Collection achieve! So join us on our trips to Ulduar, and Dragon Soul, and be a part of this legendary undertaking! For Gnomeregan!

01.04.14 - We've been talking about it, and threatening to return to Siege of Orgrimmar Flex for a long time. This week we finally did it. On our first foray into SoO the first week it opened, we got out tiny heinies handed to us. After that we pulled in our horns and focused on finishing Mogu'Shan Vaults. After cutting that pesky Elegon and Will of the Emperor down to size, we entered Siege Flex with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. As a result the outcome this time was much different! We one-shot the first two bosses, and made some valiant attempts on the third. So if youve got the gear and a thirst to prove yourself, join us Saturday nights as G4 takes the fight to Orgrimmar! We're coming for you Garrosh!!

12.21.14 - Twas the Wednesday before xmas and all through the dungeon bad things were stirring, and they werent the mouses! In a fit of holiday high spirits, Gnomeregan Forever paid a heroic visit to our old friend Nefarion in his new digs: Blackwing Descent. And while we didnt hang any decorations. we certainly left many dragon carcasses strewn festively about the place. And holy achievement spam batgnome! Nefarion was heard to exclaim as we hearthed out of sight: "Merry Xmas to all...except for GNOMES, now GOOD NIGHT!"

12.14.13 - They say you cant make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. So our shrimpy sous chef's decided to test that theory in Heroic Bastion of Twilight by taking on Sinestra. G4 hadnt been able to take the heat in her kitchen the last time we were there, but this time we kicked it up a notch and BAM she got served! Grats to everyone on the achieve: Heroic Sinestra Guild Run

12.07.13 - It was a long time coming, but finally after months of attempts it all came together in a perfect performance against our nemesis: Elegon, and G4's dinky dragon slayers walked away with a sweet victory they will remember for a long time. With the hardest boss in Mogu'SHan Vaults dead at their feet, the team was eager to try their tiny hands at the final encounter: "Will of the Emperor". As Forbs aptly put it "I smell blood in the water." With only time for two attempts, it wasnt looking good after the first wipe. But the team made the necessary adjustments and simply dismantled the Mogu constructs to earn Gnomeregan Forever the Mogu'shan Vaults Guild Run Achievement, and our first EVER full clear of a raid in the same expansion it was released! Well done Gnomes!

11.23.13 - After the weekly guild meeting, ten Gnomes brave and true ventured into the mysterious Mogu'Shan Vaults. We decided to do a fresh run for the challenge, and in no way because we forgot to extend the lockout. *Whistles Innocently*. It turned out to be a blast! It took us a couple tries to find our rhythm on the Stone Guardians, but when time was up we had blasted our way through four bosses and were staring down our arch-nemesis Elegon. We'll be back for him next week. Remember if you would like to test your mettle against the biggest bad guys on the block, then gear up, and sign up for Saturday Raid Night!

11.22.13 - Another Friday night and another Retro Raid! Since all lvl 90's showed up, we decided to try something a little more challenging: Dragon Soul 10-Gnome Normal! However with nearly everyone in the raid rocking Timeless Isle and LFR gear, it was more like Dragon Stroll. We waltzed through the raid, ignoring mechanics and dropping bosses like...well like a boss! Next time we'll definitely bump up the difficult level. So if youd like to join the fun, make sure you log on Friday evenings for Retro Raid Night!

10.09.13 - Whats it take to draw crowds of players away from the fabled treasures of the Timeless Isle? Perhaps a little moondust and loot! The Darkmoon Faire is in town and something wild is happening on the Isle! Moonfang the Den Mother and her pack have taken up residence just northwest of the faire proper. Once per hour they will spawn. If youre strong enough to brave her fangs and claws, youre in for some treats including: Moon-Moon a delightful little wolf pup who will dance with you! Other loot includes the Shimmering Moonstone allowing you to summon a temporary wolf mount, a wolf hat and other goodies! There is no minimum level required. If you can do some damage to a 92 Elite with 174 million health, then you'll be able to loot the corpse. Beware though, when she calls her packmates, even lvl 90's have good reason to fear! Moonfang is Free Tag like the bosses on the Timeless Isle, and can be looted multiple times per day. Remember the faire is only in town for a few more days, so go take a walk on the wild side, and good hunting!

09.16.13 - Through the careless graces of the gods of RNG I have come into possession of a supernumerary Hearthstone Closed Beta Key! Since I cannot decide which of you nifty Gnomes deserves it more, I'm going to let YOU show me who wants it more! Head over to the Beta Key Giveaway Thread on the forums for details, and good luck!

09.08.13 - The fur really flew during the fourth and final day of Gnomeregan Forever's Four Days of G4! The first ever cross-faction Pet Battle Tournament on Wyrmrest Accord featured six of the toughest trainers the realm had to offer competing for over ten thousand in gold, rare pets, and bragging rights. The battles were intense as both Horde and Alliance trainers pulled out their strongest pets and changed up their strategies as they strove to keep their opponents off guard and advance to the next round. In the end though Horde champions Gohar and Drakile took third and second place respectively. The winning trophy however went to alliance Trainer: Tezzim who took first place and walked away with 5000 gold and a code for the Soul of the Aspects pet! Well done Tezzim!

09.07.13 - Whoosh!! Almost a year and a half in the making, Gnomeregan Forever's long awaited Fireworks spectacular didnt disappoint. Though we didnt have quite the crowd we were hoping for, the ones who did come were in for a real treat. Sixteen launchers, and over ten thoursand Large Cluster Rockets lit up the Vale sky for over foirty five minutes! A pity no one was able to capture it on video, because it was truly one for the record books! Not only did we celebrate G4's birthday in style, but we sent Patch 5.3 out with a bang, and toasted the Vale before its untimely destruction.

09.06.13 - After a thrilling Gnome Darts competition there's only one place to go to blow off some steam and that's Club Gnome in Gadgetzan! Er...I mean Club Trix. But one might easily have made such a mistake if they were there and saw how many Gnomes were in attendance this week! G4 members were very visible, and contributed to the festive atmosphere with spectacular laser light shows, fireworks, and loads of spell effects and toys! As Gnomes danced the night away, there were shoutouts from the DJ's and many club goers both Alliance and Horde alike wishing Gnomeregan Forever a happy birthday! Grats to Tridyna who organized this event as part of Gnomeregan Forever's Four Days of G4, and special thanks to everyone who came down and showed the Tall Folk how to party like a Gnome star!

09.06.13 - It was raining Tallies! At least it seemed that way from ground zero. As part of Gnomeregan Forever's Third Annual Four Days of G4, a fierce Gnome Darts Competition was held atop the Temple of Storms. About a dozen contestants took turns flinging themselves off the pinnacle, attempting to crash land on a distant target! The competition was fierce. Kaehlen racked up a new world record jump, landing a mere TWO Gnome paces from the bullseye! It still wasnt quite enough to win however, as Parinke edged her out in the cumulative scoring to take first place! Gnomeregan Forever handed out ten thousand gold and other prizes to the top three finishers! Congratulations and thanks to Tridyna who coordinated the event, and to all the Gnomes who helped make it a splattering success!!

09.05.13 - The pen may be mightier than the sword, but dont put away your iron just yet. Nevertheless as part of Gnomeregan's Third Annual Four Days of G4, we hosted a writing contest on the Wyrmrest Accord forums! This year's theme was: "Short Sighted". As always, determining winners was difficult. But in the end it was decided that Fundead edged out the competition with his amusing story about the futility of trying to beat a Dwarf at the one thing Dwarves do best. Second place went to Bugsië for his imaginative tale of an anachronistic businessgnome attempting to make a profit in the Azeroth of the future! In all Gnomeregan Forever handed out ten thousand gold and pets in prizes! Congratulations to all of our winners! If you havent read the winning stories yet, you can do so HERE!

08.23.13 - Its summertime, and while it may be hot outside, the Gnomes of G4 are turning up the heat in WoW as well! Friday night was no exception. A gang of us assembled for Retro Raid Night, and lit a fire under the minions of Ragnaros in the Firelands! And when the smoke cleared, Stormspout (aka Xiaolong) walked away with the Smoldering Egg of Millagazor! An impressive Fire Hawk mount of pure flame! So if you havent joined us for our weekly Retro Raid Night lately, you never know what you might be missing!

08.07.13 - I am very pleased, and hope that you all will join me in congratulating Doodle Gnome (whom you may know as Sarabibilum). She has been immortalized in World of Warcraft with an in-game item named after her character Paululum. This new item will be implemented in the upcoming Patch 5.4! Paululum gained the attention of Blizzard back in June when she illustrated a now legendary thread about the implausible offspring of CM Zarhym, and Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. You can learn about the thread here in case you havent seen it. You can also find more of Doodle Gnome's wonderful doodles here. And last but not least dont forget to check out her new website: Kibble & Bit! Three cheers for an awesome Gnome getting the recognition she deserves! Keep up the good work DG!

06.23.13 - Gnomeregan Forever continued its assault upon the ancient foundations of Mogu power and current raid content as once again Gnomes invaded Mogushan Vaults 10-Gnome Normal to face Gar'jal the Spiritbinder! A mighty tall troll he was too! He threw every voodoo doll and hex he had at us! But in the end it was the Gnomes who were standing tall. "What a shame for a Zandalari priest ta endure!" RIP Gara'jal! Next week we have the Spirit Kings squarely in our tiny sights. Work on your gear! Study the videos, and sign up for raids! Help make Gnomish history!

06.01.13 - The Mogu may have hid their treasures away in Mogushan Vaults, but that didnt stop our tiny team of safe crackers. The Gnomes of G4 were determined to tackle current content for the first time. Some didnt think we could do it, and thought we'd end up as collateral damage. But we showed them those bosses werent too big to fail. We dropped them like interest rates on a sub-prime loan! Congratulations Gnomes! We're still not done with MSV 10-Gnome Normal though. Still four bosses left that would like nothing more than to compound our interest. Think we can do it?? Bank on it!

05.07.13 - The Amani tribe suffered a grizzly defeat, and more than a few booboos when Gnomes came to Zul-Aman to rob their pic-a-nic™ baskets this Tuesday! The fur really flew as they ran the dungeon for time, and in addition to getting the Bear-ly Made It Achievement among others, one lucky Gnome rode away on a mount that definitely looked smarter than the average bear! So if this sounds like fun to you, make a point of logging in! Because if you miss a night, you could miss a LOT!

05.04.13 - Look! Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a dragon! Its a...Gnome?? Kalecgos and the rest of the Blue Dragonflight invaded Stormwind airspace to make an important announcement! With a little help from his friends in Gnomeregan Forever, our own Gloomspanner acquired the last smouldering essences, and heart of Ragnaros he needed to complete his legendary staff quest! As a reward for this momentous achievement, he not only received the legendary staff Tarecgosa's Rest with the ability to transform himself into a dragon, but a giant translucent likeness of him hovered over Stormwind for a couple of hours so that all could witness the superiority of Gnomes! So I hope you will all join with me in congratulating Gloomspanner on this impressive feat! Also as a result of his dedication, you can add the Lil' Tarecgosa pet to your collections! So be sure to visit your guild vendor and pick one up if you havent already! So many Legendary Gnomes in G4 already. Will you be next??

05.03.13 - Its been a long time since we last visited Icecrown Citadel and cut short the reign of the lich king, But on Friday during our weekly Retro Raid Night we did just that. This time in 25-Gnome Normal mode. We not only had fun and many many achievements were won, but we started amassing pieces for the Legendary weapon to add to our already impressive collection! So whether you want to pick up some old achieves you never got, or add a Legendary to your collection, or just visit some old friends and cut them down to size, you should join us every week on Retro Raid Night! You never know what we'll be doing, but its sure to be fun!

04.28.13 - It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, just right for a siesta in the ole hammock. But some Gnomes just dont know when to quit, and Kipfirelord seems to be one of them! While everyone else was taking it slow, he swooped down to Booty Bay and stole the First Prize from some of the best fishermen on Azeroth in the weekly derby! In addition to the Master Angler of Azeroth achievement, he also picked up a nice Heirloom Ring! So next time youre lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, grab your pole and hustle down to Booty Bay, you just might get lucky!

03.10.13 - March wasnt the only thing that came in like a lion last week! Patch 5.2: The Thunder King hit the realm like a prehistoric garbage truck! Not only bringing with it new content, but balance changes to every class, and changes to the game, some popular, and some not. It even rendered the realm unplayable for hours! If you havent read the patch notes yet, I recommend you do so. What you dont know could hurt...a LOT!

Last night the Gnomes of G4 launched a scientific expedition to the Isle of Giants! There we explored the island and battled mighty dinosaurs, Zandalari Dinomancers and Horde NPC's. We even picked up quite a few new battle pets! We'll definitely have to schedule a return visit!

02.16.13 - Holy 'Chieve spam Batgnome! Gnomeregan Forever has been continuing to rack up an impressive number of guild achievements. So many in fact that Guildox currently ranks us as the 26th highest ranking guild on Wyrmrest Accord based on Achievement Points. So I'd like to congratulate and thank all of you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the guild! How high might we climb? Well that kinda depends on you. How hard are you willing to work to get there?

02.08.13 - Oh BOI! Friday night we invited a few of our friends in <The Brotherhood of Iron> (TBoI) to join us on Retro Raid Night as we took on Naxxramas 25-Gnome. A great many achievements were had, as well as a lot of fun! G4 has been friends with the stalwart Dwarves of TBoI for our entire history. These kin of the earth can hold their own in RP, PvE and PvP, so keep them in mind when youre looking to fill groups. And when you see one of their members, be sure to fire off a snappy salute to our (slightly) taller comrades in arms!

02.03.13 - It was just a typical guild meeting, or so it seemed. But Forbs had a couple of tricks up her purple sleeve. In honor of Lunar Festival, she led us to the watery lair of the giant two headed dog of legend: Omen! Buffed to level 90, he had a bone to pick with us! The fight was a little RUFF! But armed with rolled up copies of the Sunday Times G4 showed him how to Roll Over and Play Dead! Just goes to show that Gnomes can teach an old dog new tricks! And if you havent been to a guild meeting lately, you never know what you might be missing.

02.02.13 - Leaping leprechauns! G4 member Cadabra is one lucky Gnome! She ran Molten Core the other day, and picked up not just one but BOTH bindings for Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker on the SAME run!! Now MC has always been good to us Gnomes, but thats almost unheard of even for us! But Cad wasnt done there! She then went into Tempest Keep and walked away with the highly coveted Ashes of Al'ar phoenix mount! So the next time you see Cadabra, rub her head for luck, and then go punch your favorite boss! Because you never know when its going to be YOUR lucky day!

01.31.13 - Congratulations going out to Aizi who has become our latest Legendary Gnome! He picked up his second binding the other day and is now the proud wielder of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Trade Spammer! But his luck didnt stop there! On last night's Retro Raid Night, his Priest: Dustie picked up G4's first shard of Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, making Dustie our designated Val'anyr Shard Pickerupper in all Ulduar runs in which he is present! Well done Aizi!

01.21.13 - The Panda's are here! The inscruitable east met the technology driven west in a fun culture clash RP event Monday night! G4 hosted a guided tour of Tinkertown and Gnomeregan for members of the Jadepaw Dynasty guild, and some of their friends. I think both sides were left scratching their heads at times, but hopefully everyone came away with a little better understanding their new allies, and a new committment to more fun RP in the future!

01.16.13 - Thursday Rumby hosted "Gnew Gnome Gnight!" and it was a rousing success once everyone decided on a spec that is. Ten ingenious little heroes banded together intent upon leveling together. How far they will make it is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure...when that many Gnomes team up, the Troggs dont stand a chance! There is still time for you to join in the fun though! Check out the event post on the forums for details.

01.12.13 - Chalk up another one for the dinky dynamos of Gnomeregan Forever! On Saturday we entered Dragon Soul for a rematch with Deathwing. But this time we played Picasso and put him on the canvas! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this offensive: Gizmoto, Footstorm, Brixee, Coggling, Tridyna, Shyndelle, Bellamy, Gizzywig, Nybble, Lyeli, and Weks!

01.01.13 - Happy Gnome Year! Wow and what a year its been! So much fun RP. So many Raid victories. So many achievements! And then there was the Ding Heard Round The World! And we've added so many hard working and creative Gnomes to the guild that I'm confident in predicting that this year will be even more exciting! Lets make 2013 the Year of the Gnome! And from all of us here at G4 to you and wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!

12.22.12 - I hope youve all been good little Gnomes, because its that most wonderful time of the year: Winter Veil! Time for snowball fights and reindeer rides, caroling and presents, and of course weapons grade fruit cakes from Smokeywood Pastures! Remember that G4 will be having a holiday party on the 30th. We'll be exchanging secret santa gifts and other fun things. Hope to see you there! And on behalf of Gnomeregan Forever I'd like to wish everyone a very merry holiday season. And in the words of a very famous Gnome...Light bless us every one!

12.10.12 - Woot! We're famous again, if only for a little while. I was so proud of you gnomes after our 10-Gnome Normal Firelands guild run that I included a link to the screenie I took in a post I made on the General community forums. For the second time a community manager, Crithto this time, popped in to say how awesome the shot was! This led to the post being mirrored on Blue Trackers including MMO Champion, and as a result we got a whole bunch of new applicants to the guild. So enjoy your 15 minutes people! Then get back to work ;)

12.08.12 - They knew it wouldnt be easy, but on Saturday G4's sawed-off smoke jumpers ventured into the Firelands intending to stamp out the Firelord Ragnaros. Sparks weren't the only things that flew during that fight! But when it was all over it was the Gnomes who were looking down at their adversaries.

Want to test your mettle against the fiercest foes for the glory of Gnomeregan? Get geared, get online Saturday nights, and get ready to rumble!

11.24.12 - As you may have noticed, the Gnomes of G4 are not resting on their laurels. They are continuing to push their limits in PvE content! As a result we earned the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider achievement this week! That means that these beautiful Dark Phoenix flying mounts are now available to our members from any Guild Vendor! If you havent already done so, go pick one up. You deserve it! And as a reminder, we need brave Gnomes like YOU to join us as we cut raid bosses down to size for the glory of Gnomeregan! Talk to Lt. Brixee to sign up!

11.24.12 - The Gnomes of G4 continued their tiny reign of terror among the Cataclysm raid bosses by taking the fight this week to none other than our old nemesis Nefarian from Blackwing Lair. Resurrected by Deathwing he was up to his old tricks in Blackwing Descent, aided and abetted by another familiar face: Onyxia! But the family that plots together, dies together (at least when Gnomes catch up to them). This was our first Blackwing Descent 10-Gnome Normal victory and secured for us the Blackwing Descent Guild Run achievement! Congratulations to our strike team of: Brixee, Gizmoto, Footstorm, Weks, Tima, Brezza, Frazzelz, Glitterspaz, Gizzywig, and Forbidra for a job well done!

11.21.12 - Its raining achievements! Well it almost seems that way, as the Gnomes of G4 keep racking up achieves great and small. You told us you'd like to see greater emphasis on both personal and guild achievements this year and we intend to deliver! One great way you can help is to be online on Fridays at 6PM for Retro Raid Night! We have fun chatting in vent and clearing older raids and dungeons! Its a great way to fill in your missing achievements and maybe pick up a spiffy new mount, transmog piece, or maybe even a Legendary weapon! See you there!

11.19.12 - Our intrepid researchers braved Horde attacks and food fights at the Bountiful Tables last week to interview Tall Folk, in an effort to document the origins of the Pilgrims Bounty holiday traditions! And we had a lot of fun doing it! One of our primary goals this year is to increase both the quantity and the quality of our RP as a guild. But we cant do it without YOU! Lt Siosil has been hosting weekly RP events. Watch for them on your calendar, and get involved!

11.18.12 - You told us you wanted more RP interaction with other guilds, and youre going to get it it! Gnomeregan Forever has made a tentative pact with other racial guilds including: Thunderwing Clan, Sentinel, Silverwing Sentinels and others. The goal is to organize RP, and occasionally RP-PvP events that will allow you to fight alongside our allies against Horde aggression! Watch your calendar for events, and get ready to rruummbbllee!!

11.17.12 - Another week, and another raid achievement! This time our tiny terrors turned out the lights in the Bastion of Twilight 10-Gnome Normal, another guild first voctory! This means we add The Bastion of Twilight Guild Run Achievement to our credit.

So if youre serious about cutting the biggest bad guys anywhere down to size for the glory of Gnomeregan...Sign Up, Gear Up, Study Up, and get ready to Tear It Up on Raid Night! Gnome Powah!!

11.10.12 - Another boss bites the dust! Saturday after the weekly guild meeting, G4's miniature meteorologists predicted clear skies, and breezed into Throne of the Four Winds! When the dust had settled Al'Akir the Windlord had been banished utterly at the hands of Gnomes! This was Gnomeregan Forever's first Throne of the Four Winds 10-Gnome Normal victory securing for us the Throne of the Four Winds Guild Run achievement.
Grats to all our shrimpy storm chasers: Jinkilie, Gizmoto, Gizzywig, Weks, Zephilia, Frazzlez, Glitterspazz, Coggens, Rhialah, and Forbidra for a job well done!

11.09.12 - Well I mentioned last week that we didnt get lucky, but the luck of the Gnomes cant be suppressed for long! Last night we ran the Mount Hyjal raid and cut Archi down to size. Looking for an encore we ran Black Temple and when Illidan hit the deck, what to our wondering eys should appear but the matching Warglaive Tridyna needed to complete her set! Securing for her the Warglaives of Azinoth Achievement, and the Warglaives of Azzinoth - Guild Edition Achievement for Gnomeregan Forever! Congratulations Tridyna on becoming our latest Legendary Gnome! And if youve been skipping Friday Nights, you just might be missing out on a Legendary...or TWO!


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