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How Omtay and I changed for the better.

by Omtay on Jul 17, 2015 at 03:08 PM}
When I started WoW (Burning Crusade), it was in a difficult time in my life. I was ten years old and without giving a sob story, I'll tell you I used WoW as an escape. I was able to take my mind off my situation and really delve deep into another world. As a child I always had a wild exaggerated imagination and thus, I was able to really latch on and feel connected to this virtual world.

The story of the gnomes instantly caught my attention. Take back your home and lead your people to a brighter future. I chose Omtay to become me. To become a greater me. Omtay, this small underdog in a giant new world would become a warrior. The thought of a 3 foot tall gnome warrior taking down a full sized Tauren with nothing but a shield and sword captivated me as a kid. This thought did come true later on down the road in fact! Anyway, Omtay started our journey in Coldridge Valley and it was there I started to learn more about the dwarves. Down the road I came by an NPC by the name of Ragnar Rumbleshot. It was this pivotal moment where I learned to use a ranged weapon, my first blunderbuss. It was that moment I started to play my warrior as more of a hunter. Relying on my sword and shield only when a mob would get too close. This weapon alone set me on the path to become an engineer.

Fast forwarding past all my adventures and quests, I ended my adventure in Ungoro Crater. My father would no longer be paying for my subscription. It was not until my last few years of high school, that Mists of Pandaria would come out and spark my love for this game again. I contacted a Blizzard employee about my account and he was able to bring Omtay back online after all those years. I came back to this world only to see that everything had changed. The zones were new and even old zone were changed by the cataclysm.(also I realized sometime later that I missed out on Operation Gnomeregan, oh how I was pissed.). So, I set out. Turns out I was very bad at WoW when I was ten, a level 50 with level 30 gear on and no idea what I was doing. I had a lot of ground to cover so I started leveling as fast as I could. This was a bad idea. As a kid I took a lot of time to really experience the area and feel like my character was growing. As a teenager my only goal was end game. I missed out on a lot of character development during this time. Granted RP was not on my list of things to do. Once off to college, I met my roommate. He would be the one to really shape me into a raider and really learn how to play WoW and even my Warrior.

Eventually, I yearned for the rose colored goggles of my ten year old self. Raiding was not giving me the satisfaction that just playing the game did when I was young. I played with some IRL friends and had a lot of good times but nothing like I had before. I had fun playing the game as a warrior but not playing as Omtay. I needed something more. My roommate began to tell me stories of his server, Wyrmrest Accord. He told me tales people playing in a new way, Roleplay. This was my chance to play WoW in a new way. I had a chance to play Omtay as Omtay, play like I did back in BC. He was also the one to tell me about a guild of all gnomes on the server, and BOOM I set out to transfer severs. Before I would seek these gnomes out, I needed to really think about how I would play Omtay. I wanted desperately to keep the image of Omtay the same as my ten year old self. I struggled for a long time trying to set the story of Omtay. It wasn't until I was accepted into G4 that I learned Omtay had changed much like I have over the years. Finally, Omtay and I were one again. It was exactly want I wanted. Only, one thing was off. I learned Omtay was not a warrior. Much like when I bought my first blunderbuss in Dun Morogh, Omtay changed. Roleplaying had shown me I could RP as anything I wanted. I didn't have to RP as a warrior because Omtay was not a warrior. Sure he could use a sword, but deep down, he was a hunter.

Omtay finally started to grow into his own. His story still has a few holes in it, but the path forward is clear. Once gnome hunters are implemented (this I have no doubt), I will begin to level Omtay as a hunter and really RP in my questing zones. I will be able to see Omtay as both myself and as Omtay. I will be able to take my time in a zone and flesh out my experience and not blow through zone like I did during my high school years. Omtay will go back to the cata shattered zones in a new light. I will be able to go back to my roots and see, with Omtay's eyes, how all my zones have changed as I have. I have rekindled my love for this game and Omtay.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point. My friends in life, and my friends in G4. Much like my friends in life, G4 if turning into family.

Also sorry if this post is too long and takes up too much space. I figured the journals would be a more appropriate place to post rather than the forums. Please correct me if this isn't the case.

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This sounds very similar to my current situation. I have been looking for a home for my Warrior, Tyrman, a long time now. Have not been part of something or a group for sometime and WoW was starting to get more and more stale. But fate would have it when I was reading about a all Gnome guild. Who knew such a thing could work! I also found that RP changed the way I view WoW and my Gnome for the better. I am so used to people not exploring like I used to in Vanilla through Wrath. And the events! This server is amazing. Whenever the funds come my way, so will Tyrman in the near future.

Thank you for sharing your story.
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