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(PTR) More Facial Customization Options Coming?

You know, I'm a software developer and a pretty strenuous tester. Among my colleagues, there's an old jest that I'm sure many people outside our field have heard by now: "Oh that's not a bug, that's a feature!"I think someone may have just report...
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Casquette1986Small Casquette 4y
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Gamifying the classroom

Hey Gnomes!I've got a minor situation that I want YOUR help with! As some of you know I am working on getting my teacher license this year and to do that I have a lot of fun assignments as well as some solo teaching! Next spring I will be doing my...
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Durell51966Small Durell 4y
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Stay Safe Florida Gnomies!

Hurricane Irma looks to have you in her sights. Might be a good time for a road trip! Hoping everyone stays safe, and doesnt try to "tuff it out" because this one looks nasty.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Oh Forbs....

S.C. Warnings of Lizardmen Activity During Eclipse
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New World Adventures

Hey guys, remember me? Hope you're all doing well and keeping up the Gnomish fight!Anyway, a while back I said I was doing some voice over projects. Well, one has now been posted to Soundcloud, a narration work called New World Adventures, an audi...
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Amarula21252Small Forbs 5y
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Final Fantasy XIV

Due to the ongoing non-raid content drought in Warlords (and some other recent controversies) I have been looking around and trying out some other games and mmos. I am still holding out hope for Blizzard to show something pleasant and attainable ...
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To the gnome that created the figit spinner... And I do know its a gnome because only a gnome can invent something this awesome and this hateful all at the same time... I hate you for getting me addicted... But I also love you for getting me addic...
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Geebu Gearspark1996Small Geebu Gearspark 5y
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Gonna miss you guys, but priorities change.

Those who know/care about me might've noticed the last time I was playing was quite a while ago - I mean, last time I logged in, we still had a black president.Truth is, while I really have wanted to play, a lot of stuff has stacked up, forcing me...
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"Oh no, not her..."

Hi. Um, hello. Oh hey! Hi!It's, um, it's been years, hasn't it... and um.I'M SO SORRY. I think that maybe I didn't quite leave on such nice terms? I sas being kind of a Nasty Gnome, so for all the snippy, sassy things I've definitely have, and may...
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Sverra51846Small Sverra 5y
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Heroes of the Storm? Yes please!

Hello my fellow gnomes! Due to the Primal Flamesaber mount promotion, there's a lot of interest in Heroes of the Storm. So, I thought, why not have a thread where we could chat about the game?First of all, if you haven't tried it, I recommend yo...
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Tridyna Quickcipher1816Small Tridyna Quickcipher 5y
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Hola 'Allo 'Allo

Hello sorry haven't been on in a while. Thought I'd let you know I ran out of game time and no way to get any anytime soon. So please dont kick me from the guild. I'll be back when I can.Much GnOme WubZonger
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Zonger21253Small Forbs 5y
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The Gnomish Cookbook!

[[Alright I have this idea for us all to share recipes we make at home for ourselves. So if you have some favorite snacks, entrees, desserts etc that you think are good enough for your fellow Gnomes to actually put in their mouths, put them in thi...
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Fellow Gnomes,I hope you're doing well as you read this! I'm really glad to be a part of G4 again, and thank everyone who gave me a warm welcome when I was reinvited. To help people get to know me, I'm writing to introduce myself here. I play Bink...
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Binkly21023Small Forbs 5y
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Some Wedding pictures!

In my time off I got married and moved to Georgia... I married my fiance and best friend Lucio (Tinylucio). We met playing WoW almost 4 years ago and we have been together for 3. Here are some of the pics. I know horrible our cake toppers are not ...
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What's in the box?

No, it's not a copy of Overwatch. I'll ruin that guess for you right're a fan of a certain franchise of movies...this may be of interest to you. arrived Friday, but I ...
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Brixee166541Small Brixee 5y
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Ishara RPG

So at long last its finally finished. I have created an RPG with some characters you may recognize. Ishara, Tima, Schala, and more. if anyone would like to try it. you can download it here. (file size: 288mb...
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Desert-Mouse52465Member avatar small Khoria 5y
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Recommended webcomics

Per Forbs request, here's the link to the webcomic I'm fandubbing as discussed. you enjoy the read.
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Amarula41884Member avatar small Wildwrench 5y
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Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm launches today! Alas, without Gnome representation. :( Blizz has cross-promotional awards with HotS, WoW, and Hearthstone: Grave Golem pet for WoW for level 20 in HotS, Dire Wolf Mount for HotS for level 100 in WoW (http:/...
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Folkston2110721Member avatar small parinke 5y
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New PC

I'm thinking about buying a new PC for my mother. She only plays WoW and surfs the internets. I'd build her one, but her tech support (me) lives almost 2,500 miles away!Her current computer is 6 years old, could probably go another year or two wit...
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Tsumari31562Member avatar small Jynxe 6y
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Clankportal: A Short Story Work In Progress

Hi all,Just a small rough draft sample of the writings I'm working on; a work in progress that I thought I'd share. This story piece leads to the creation of a new world in which many of my short stories will take place in. Basically, it is what i...
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