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#11647737 Oct 17, 2015 at 11:48 PM
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Head to Borean Tundra and fly out to map coords 55, 88. There you will have to do a little swimming. Might help if you have a warlock with you, or some form of underwater breathing as you might have to search a bit for the cave.

Unlike most caves that are on the bottom of the sea and have a big readily identifiable entrance this cave is hidden pretty well. Look for the entrance about half-way between the sea floor and the surface of the water. Youre looking for a narrow crevice with sea weeds growing in front of it. Once you find it swim into it and then start looking UP and you will see a pool (and probably crowds of people) leading to a small cave.

Chances are the cave will be packed with people, including trolls trying to block you from getting the egg, and your view will look something like this.

Below is what the cave looks like without a mob of people. Note where to click!

Easiest thing to do is get close to where the egg is, change your camera to a top-down view straight overhead, and move your mouse pointer around in small circles till you see the gear cursor. Keep your pointer on the spot where you got the gear and be patient for it to re-appear, then Shift right click and you'll probly get it. It took me about three tries to get it.

You can only pick up the egg once and it binds to your account.


- Forbs
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#11649374 Oct 18, 2015 at 10:49 AM
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There was a crowd there when I went, too. Fortunately there were not any trolls/griefers actually trying to interfere with the egg, but rather people there for the egg (and yet another reason I have no interest in being on a PvP realm). I did not need to resort to the LFG tool or server hopping.

I never thought to see another Murloc with the dance animation that the initial rare BlizzCon (physical, not virtual attendees) Murky had, thank you Blizz for Terky! 8)

Murky is a more traditional color, and I suspect dances more frequently ... it seemed to take Terky a long time, around 10 minutes or so, to decide to dance, but dance with the tophat and cane Terky did! 8)

No doubt someone with the original Murky will determine if the dances and "song" are the same, as well as the time between performances. :)
#11650122 Oct 18, 2015 at 02:52 PM
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I found mine! Thank you for the guide.

Also, when you use your Magic Pet Mirror and /dance you get to see the dance whenever you wish :P.
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Ah! I just came here to post this! I guess I am a little slow. :)
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